About YUP!

We're on a mission to crush beers and have fun. 

The pandemic hasn't made life easier or more enjoyable. Should we accept defeat? NOPE!.

And Yup was born. So we spent our time in hibernation brewing, refining and working on the most crushable, tasty and delicious brew we could that was 100 calories. Yup is all natural. We don't use any syrups or other unhealthy adjuncts. It's low in carbs and super crisp. 

Yup is absolutely crushable and super delicious for a light beer. Don't take our word for it though: we won in our very first year at the Canadian Brewing Awards. YUP!


Yup is made for enjoying with friends. Could we charge more? Yup. But we don't and won't. It's just $1.85 all day every day. We're keeping things simple and straightforward.